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App / Web Development Feedback

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Feedback tool for application and software development.

Having a tough time communicating your needs?

It took too many steps to show what your application page should look like.

"It took 10 minutes to illustrate just one page."


"From now on, it only takes 10 seconds. "


Sync captured screens to effi.app directly

Captured app screens will be synced to the web in real-time.

You can freely set the auto-sync feature's retention time.

Also, you can select specific screens and upload them to the web by using Manual Upload.


Simply click to pinpoint your area of interest

Click on the spot which needs attention.

Point numbers are automatically assigned.


Convenient Web QA

Just copy and paste the image which you need.


Visual QA reports

Visual QA reports reduce miscommunication and delay.

All members can communicate in real time by using comments.
You can also assign requests to specific developers.

If a comment is made, a notification will be sent via e-mail to the QA writer, comment writer and someone who assigned to the corresponding QA .


Share the URL

If you have to share the QA list with teammembers, Just Click the URL button.


Automatically extract device and OS information

It extract only correct information.

So the time and potential error which come up when you do it on your own doesn't exist.


Photo Feedback

effi isn't only meant for application feedback.

You can also give quick feedback by taking a photo with your phone and uploading it to effi.


Replace Storyboard

Easily replace storyboard work for update.

For next update, organize things which need to be developed into folders.

Then, you don't need to prepare a proposal for update.
Just hand the organized folders to the developer


STATUS management

You can change the status of the request.
It can be used as an issue tracker for your team.

You can confirm the process of images at a glance by assigning status.

New | Waiting | Working | Resolved | Closed | Holding | Canceled


Check the Status from main page

You can check workflow of the projcect at main page.


UI/UX Design Management

You can easily and accurately allow developers recognize problems by comparing the requested design to developed app screen.

Also, you can easily give the UX/UI design feedback to the designer or your team member.


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